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Made my first face cream....advice please!

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  • Made my first face cream....advice please!

    I made my first face cream this weekend and was quite pleased with my first attempt although it did'nt absorb as quickly into the skin as I would of liked and took a lot of rubbing in for it to sink in and felt tacky to the touch afterwards. I tried again and added tapioca starch to take some of the greasiness away which was better although not sure I added it at the right stage! I added it to the water stage as I expected it to disolve without going thick and sticky.
    Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong. I'm trying to create a light moisteriser which is dissolves quickly into the skin and leaves the skin soft.


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    Can you post your ingredients, with the Fat and water stages...I'll have a look at it for you
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      Here is the recipe I used to make a base cream. I am trying to get the base right before I add the active ingredients.

      To make 100 ml of cream.

      5 grams vegetable emulsifying wax
      18 ml of various oils

      50 ml spring water
      25 ml rose water
      teaspoon tapioca starch
      2ml glycerine

      grapefruit seed extract

      I think I need to use corn starch instead of the tapioca starch but I never had any. I added the tapioca at the boiling water stage expecting it just to melt into the water like it does when I use it in my milk bath.

      Any advice on where you think I'm going wrong would be fantastic.

      Thank you so much.


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        You should maybe look at reducing the oils by half it is quite a high loading that will leave a greasy tacky feel, also try to avoid heavy oils and replace them with lighter oils such as grape seed oil or coconut glycerides. Also too much glycerine can cause it to be tacky but 2% is about right.

        You might want to think about adding a preservative in as well as I wouldn't recommend using this for more than a week due to microbial spoilage. Hope this helps and good luck.