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Cannot find a body butter recipe that i like

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  • Cannot find a body butter recipe that i like

    I have been trying different recipes for body butter but cannot find one i like as they are almost solid. Am i doing something wrong? also when you get abit out and rub it between your palms and it melts then its an oil. I cannot find happy medium i wondered if anyone had any tips?


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    How about a Whipped Body Butter? Works best with Shea but you can use Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter or a mixture... put all your butters in a bowl and gentle melt them....leave them to cool and then add Oils (Jojoba is especially nice for skin)....stir it all up and then leave it to cool - when it starts solidifying, whisk it up....electric whisk works best...whip until it is white and fluffy...

    The more oils you put in the softer it will be once it's cooled - you don't want it too liquidy though as it won't whip properly...

    It is still, essentially and oil will melt on contact with the skin but it's creamy and airfilled properties do make it more cream-like...If you want a body cream, you'll need to mix in water and you're likely to need an emulsifier...and a preservative...

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