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  • problems with soap basics website

    Hi all,
    Has anyone had problems with the soap basics website? I placed an order on 17th March and still have not received it (29th March now). I had to chase up my last order from them too. I have emailed them twice, spoken to one lady who said she would look into it and that I wasn't the first customer who had reported delivery problems. I have also phoned on several occassions and now it says the ansaphone is full. I'm beginning to think I've just lost over £40! Just wondered if anyone else had problems like this too?

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    How did you pay?

    You could contact your payment provider and start a dispute?

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      Quite a few people have had problems , including me, with Soap Basics i the past. I wouldn't shop with them again, it's not worth the hassle as Jane says if you paid by card get in touch with the card provider if they've already taken the money and get a refund.


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        Thanks for your replies. I paid by bank debit card, not sure if can claim back like you can on a credit card. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see how it goes. I think I'll steer clear of ordering from them again from now on and save myself the hassle.


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          Glad I read this thread. I had thought of ordering from Soap Basics in the past but will now steer clear of them.



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            I ordered from them in january and got the same thing

            I live quite close so i didnt have it delivered but it took them over 1 week before i could collect and i had to chase them an when i rang women seemed very huffy about it saying they had back log etc from christmas and i should expect miracles! I dont hink i will be doing it again any way as they are sooo expenisive as well. I order from soaposh or soap kitchen both have there pro and cons.

            Soaposh = fast deliver, very well priced, things dont always come with batch labels so have to ring up after even tho they know im trade.

            Soap kitchen = unless u pay for express they take forever. can be expensive.


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              I can't say I am surprised to see these posts about poor service from Soap Basics. I had problems with really slow delivery and after a couple of e-mails to them which I didn't get replies to I decided to ring them. The woman (I think she was the owner) was incredibly rude to me and seemed SO full of self importance. I could go on and tell you the whole saga of this experience but don't want to bore you. I will never place another order with Soap Basics there are plenty of professional, efficient and competitively priced companies out there you can order from who are pleasant to you if you have a problem. In my 16 years of business I have never been treated the way I was by this company. I order thousands of pounds of ingredients a year so their loss!


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                Glad I just read this thread as I was just about to place my first order with them, don't think I will now
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                  Same here, I complained about a delivery and got a snotty email from them, never been back


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                    Oh My Goodness.....this thread is a lesson to anyone who runs a business that a disatisfied customer is a wonder to behold

                    Since I sell similar products to Soap Basics and am trying very hard to run it on my own (with a little help from my OH) I can sympathise with being very busy...and having a back log...but, blimey, one should ALWAYS respect the people who pay your bills.

                    Anyway, I have, on occasion ordered things from them, but will pobably not shop there anymore...
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                      I wouldn't normally register for forums but I just had to for this one. Without boring you with the details, i waited 3weeks for my parcel which i spent over £100 on. The problem was with delivery. Soap basics employee 'Debra' got back to me with several snotty emails, eventually telling me to send my products back for a refund. I informed them i was happy with products, it was just delivery i was unhappy with. I decided to speak to the manager to inform them of how unhappy i was, and when i called i spoke directly to Soap basics owner, stacey. She was quite un-helpful as well as arrogant. I have never come accross anyone as rude or intimidating in any of my professional dealings in 10years. Please do not use this site! Instead, I look forward to trying the sites recommended on this forum!


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                        I'm a new member ^^ same deal as Natural Beauty

                        If only I heard searched the company before I placed my order. I am still waiting for it to be dispatched, and the company didn't even send me an email saying there would be a delay. I tried on numerous occasions to get through to them. I finally got through and the woman told me on the phone it hadn't been dispatched because they were waiting for one item. I asked why I wasnt notified, and she told me because they are a wholesale and not retail company. I really don't have time to get into an argument with her, so I didn't bother disputing this. But wholesale or retail you still have a duty to your customers/ clients to notify them if there is a problem with the order.

                        The woman I was speaking to went on to tell me that the payment for my order hadn't gone through. I was pretty sure the £57 odd left my account. I told her this, and She went on to tell me that she had contacted the warehouse and the payment went through on the day I place my order. Did she think I was going to be dumb enough to give her my payment details again?

                        All in all, I definately will not order from them again... even if I actually get my order


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                          It's a shame to see people are still experiencing problems with this site. I use Soap Kitchen now and have been very happy with their service. Good Luck to everyone else.


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                            I is not so much the site, with me it is more the customer service. The lady came off a bit rude to me


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                              Guess what... I have joined also so that I could add my comments.... ordered on the 31st August with a £124.00 order!!! and i have heard nothing!!! emailed them, rang and left messages.. got through to them a week ago and I have to say the girl on the other end was very apologetic and said she would make sure our order was put through..... since then NOTHING!!! Rang again today (20th September) and message box is FULL on the phone and no one picking up!! We have our very first market this Sunday and some of the order was needed for the market... GRRRR!!! Will be onto our card company today to get a refund organised.. will I use them again???

                              Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... NO!!! need i say more (thanks for the space for a rant!!)

                              Hi to everyone on this forum... (I am not usually this grumpy) it will be nice to get to know you all.

                              By the way we have started using 'Gracefruit' & 'Just a Soap' orders come though within a couple of days, they are brilliant!!