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  • Pre-certified soap recipes

    Are there such things as pre-certified soap recipes? I am a member of my local Country Market and noticed in their handbook that they would allow me to sell soap if I followed their pre-certified recipe. Unfortunately when I contacted the Head Office they said they no longer allow this.

    Has anybody heard of other pre-certified recipes? It kind of makes sense that if you followed a tried and tested recipe it should be fine to sell the same as sticking to one's own certified recipe.

    I know there are pre-certified soap bases and my local TSO are happy for me to sell these. But I really would prefer to sell my own basic soaps with a variety of herbs & fragrances. Would I need to get if I used melt and pour and added herbs & fragrance oils?



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    I know that some companies sell pre certified fragrance soap base but these are on the basis that you literally just melt and pour and add nothing else in. I have never heard of a pre-certified recipe - to me this is very unfair to soap makers that have had their soap certified coz it is a lengthy process in getting your recipe tweeked to how you want it and also the cost involved. Not only is it the recipe that is certified but the person who makes it. Out of interest what was the company called - I should say that they are no longer able to do it.

    The Soap Fairy xx