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Getting ready for the weekend

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  • Getting ready for the weekend

    I have been repacking all my stuff (soaps, candles, potpourri, etc.) for the market this weekend...somehow I collect all sorts of junk in my various tote tubs. "Contained clutter."

    It is so hot out there in my new craft cottage (unfinished, but I am movin' in!!). My feet are swelling up again...looks so "old lady-ish!"

    Once again, here I am at the last minute labeling soap...ugh. And WHY do I always put it off?? 'Cause I don't enjoy it at all! =P

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    There's a line in a song that just sprung into my head reading the title...'I'm gonna buy shoes and I'm ready for the weekend'...get all the paperwork and organisey stuff out of the way, buy a gorgeeeeoouuusss pair of shoes and you're sorted!
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      If i buy anything, i guess it will have to be rain boots! What weather we are having!! The market manager came around to each booth telling people to put their sides down and prepare for a storm...just my favorite thing - cowering under a flimsy piece of fabric with lots of metal poles sticking up all around...during a bad thunderstorm! BUT...we were spared the worst. It got gusty and rained a little bit where we were, but all around for miles there was really scary weather. I am anxious to see how our tent does if there is bad rain during the night - how our hulahoops handle it all! We brought all our merchandise home with us just in case there WAS a big blow.