Hi all

I've been making my own beauty products for a good few years now and have recently started selling a few here and there. I need to get some further products certified so that I can sell these, but since they are products that can potentially contain A LOT of variables, I'm wondering if it's acceptable to list all of these on one recipe, or is that a bit cheapskate!?

For example, my facial serums are currently made up of around 6 vegetable/nut oils, all in different formulations according to what I want that serum to do. Plus I hope to extend the range to feature a few more. The basic format is the same - same ratios of oils to essential oils, vitamin E, antioxidants extras etc.

Is it wrong to send a recipe with tons of different oil variables, just so I can get my recipe (and future formulations) all done for one price? What do others do?

My certifications so far have been simpler as they are individual products with no variations.