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    Hi everyone

    I've just started making soap (log style) and am looking for a good way of cutting soap evenly and straight! The only professional cutter I've seen comes from For Crafts Sake in the US and the only thing that is putting me off buying it ($159) is the cost of shipping which is adding another $80 to the price.

    Does anyone know of a supplier in the UK who sells anything similar or can you recommend another way of cutting - has anyone tried a cheese slicer for example?

    Any help would really be appreciated as I will be looking to sell my soaps and want them to look good and also be the same weight - something I am not achieving at the moment by using a knife!


    The Soap Lady

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    My husband made several wooden loaf molds for me, and a plank to serve as "cutting board." I got a's yellow and you can put a board in it, and it guides you for angled and straight cutting...has a ruler along the side...anyway, I use a putty knife thingie, that's wider than the guide thingie...I have to set the guide thing at teh end of my cutting plank becasue otherwise there's a difference in level...use a crinkle slicer and don't worry too much about exact weight. If someone says to me, "this bar looks smaller," I reply, "ahhh, that's the charm of hand made!" and smile real big! =D

    They're less likely to notice if it's crinkle cut, and is somewhat "decorated." Get it as close as you can without stressing over it!


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      It's called a miter box, and the cutter thing is a 6" wall scraper. Then the crinkle cutter is called just that, at soap supply places. You can see one at


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        I've got The Tank from For Crafts Sake - it's worth every penny including the extra import duty and VAT I had to pay.

        That said I've used a variety of cutters and the best home made version I used was a mitre block and a plasterers taping knife


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          Try they do a soap cutter which gives you an even slice. I personally use a knife so each slice is "unique"

          The Soap Fairy xx


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            Thank you....

            .... for your ideas. While I was preparing dinner, I sent hubbie out to the garage and asked him to make me a mitre (he is very handy with a saw, drill and screwdriver) and in 20 minutes, hey presto, the job was done. We then attached a cheese wire cutter - all of £1.50 - and my lovely soap log has now become 12 clean cut bars.

            I will splash out one of these days and treat myself to the block cutter, however as long as my current one does the job, I will carry on using it.

            Looking forward to being part of the soapmaking community.