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Pigment speckling?

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  • Pigment speckling?

    Pleas can someone advise me on how to add ultramarine pigment to melt and pour soap base.
    I've used it today for the first time and it was the devil to mix in and when I got the soap out of the mould there was undisolved pigment lying on the top!!!
    Does it need to be disolved in water first? If so how much?
    Please help the confused???
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    Tracy x
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    Hi Tracy,

    I don't use pigments and I've never used M&P so I don't know very much but i'll share the little i do know...

    It's better to dissolve them a little before use. Some of them are water soluable and some are better in a little oil.

    All I can suggest is a bit of trial and error!!!

    Hope that helps a little

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      I have the same problem with some pigments, from what i have read you just have to keep stirring and stirring and stirring until it dissolves, you can dissolve it a small amount of oil or water depending on what type of pigment it is, but your best course of action is to keep stirring it in, and sadly it can leave the odd spot still showing.


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        I have discovered that if you mix them with a little glycerin or hot water, they will mix without leaving the speckling,


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          just wanted to say, you've saved me from insanity today!! i've been having a nightmare with speckling, and today have been saved by using hot water.. thankyou!! x