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  • Soap making course

    Hi there

    Does anyone know of a good home study course for soap making and legislation? I have found one, but a bit worried that it might not be any good.

    Or even can you recommend good books. I want to make my own soaps, bathing products and lip balms.


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    I'm a full time soap maker and I wish I had the time to run courses, I would love to teach natural soapmaking!!

    I guess it depends what type of soap you are planning on making. I'm a cold process soapmaker and when I was learning I used a book called handmade soap by melinda coss, she used to own a soap company so knows what she is talking about! Its full of recipes but does not cover certification.

    Hope that helps

    Natural soaps and skincare, handmade from beginning to end...

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      I also self taught myself, however I only do MP, occasionally do hp but make my own beauty and bath products, what i suggest you do is read read and read, and then read some more. lots of info on the web about soap making and bath product making.
      I had a quick browse on the net and could only find one uk soap making home study course if you want to go down that route. just do a search for home study soap making,