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lip balm making with kids

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  • lip balm making with kids

    Hi all I'm new to cosmetic making and have trawled the sites collecting different recipes the lotions and oils are not a prob and normally like experimenting even if it does go wrong, however i find myself with three children all wanting to make bath and beauty products for granny's christmas so is there a simple lip balm recipe that is more likely to work thats easy for the kids (to aviod loads of work and disapointment and my rep as an aromatherapist) that won't seperate or go grainy

    ty very much

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    Strictly for mums with common sense who supervise their children at all time like we used to do 400 years ago.

    I was going to call it Elizabethan lip balm but I think think it's a Medieval recipe.
    Take a little beeswax. Grate it into a metal spoon. Add a few drops of olive oil. Hold over a candle so the two ingredients melt into each other. Pour into a little pot. Give it a bit of a stir while it's still hot so they are well mixed. It cools to a consistancy that's in between the liquid oil and solid wax.

    The next one is lovely. Get some soap flakes. They used to be Lux but are now Pbs or Grannys. Put equal quantities of soap flakes and porrige oats into a bowl. Add some shredded fresh herbs - nice ones are lavender flowers, rosemary flowers and leaves, mint or chopped up rose petals or grated orange rind. Mix dry. Add a little hot water. Squidge into a dough. Form into ping pong sized balls. You've made Tudor soap balls.
    The teacher in me says get your children to measure out the ingredients a handful of one, a handful of the other. Make lots of little bowls full and have each one a different 'flavour'. You be in charge of the hot water but let them do all the mixing.