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  • Sterilizing


    I have eventually found some nice plastic bottles & Jars to contain my natural skincare. My problem now is im a little unsure as to if i need to steralize them as i will intend to fill them with my products and of course sell them. I know when i buy products, i do hope at the back of my mind that the bottles are steralized before the product goes in, but it there a law regarding this??

    If it is a must and to be honest i would rather steralize them for my own piece of mind, how would i do this?? Do you know of any method that is quick and safe? If you are a company and steralize your bottles, please can you give me some good cost effective ideas??

    Much appreciated xx
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    Teresa xx

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    Couldn't you use one of those steam sterilisers intended for use with baby bottles?
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      For my glass jars (jamming) I wash them then stick them on a newspaper lined tray in a low oven for 20mins. A dish washer will do the same I believe.

      I microwave the baby bottles in a tommee tipee steamer..but remember something about safety issues of plastics in the microwave and that only specific types should go in, else the plastic contaminates.

      You could boil/dunk...but maybe its best to cold steralise with Milton fluid. You can get it in the supermarket, big bottles and the destructions are on it.

      Hope this is helpful
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        no to milton

        hi milton is not an acceptable way to steralize if the container is to hold natural beauty products esp if EO's are to be used. This is one of the first things we were taught during Hons degree course in aromatherapy. Steam is the best i use dishwasher and baby bottle steamers


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          Hi there,

          May not be too relevant now but maybe one for the future?

          We currently use a handheld steam cleaner but have been looking into Ultra Violet rays for future reference. This is what the 'big guys' tend to use as part of their packaging process.
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            Your assessor should be able to help you here regarding your containers.