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    Does any one on here sell solid shampoo is it a good seller, have just ordered some m&p solid shampoo, to play around with.

    what scents sell if it does sell at all

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    Don't know if it's a 'man' thing, but solid shampoo - isn't that called soap?


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      it is another form of soap yes but made with oils that are good for hair


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        Hi, i've only ever seen this in that shop called Lush but have never used it. Don't know anyone who has either.
        Seems to me to be something people would buy as a gift as it's a bit different so maybe if you market it as such?
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          My husband used to use a solid shampoo from a company called Cosmetics to go, a bit like Lush. He liked it, being a bit of a baldy, but if you have longer hair I think its a it trickier to use.
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            I have 3 different ranges of solid shampoo bars, it is popular you just need to raise the awareness of it with your customers. I have customers who absolutely love it. I use it with oils & butters depending on what effect im going for.
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              I've used the Lush bars and found them good with long or short hair and really handy when you go away as you can use them multi purpose for you body too. Based on this I've made my own and tend to add some rosemary EO as I like the smell but you could use anything. I prefer naturalish smells but other people prefer fruity or whatever.


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                I love solid shampoo, and my husband does too - I'd totally snap some up if I saw it at a craft fair but I haven't yet, just at Lush!

                We had a lovely cinnamon on that I loved...
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                  Lush is Cosmetics to Go.

                  CTG was set up by people who had been suppliers to Body Shop. It grew very quickly and literally couldn't keep up with demand. So there was a buy out and the original crew who kept the Poole shop became Lush and one of their perfumiers took CTG name and went to Leicester (I think)

                  I remember both companies asking me (as a loyal then post only customer) to support them. I read around a bit and went with Lush. They ran a competition to rename themselves, Phoenix was one suggestion!! And I remained a post only customer until they opened their shops.

                  I read that about 5 or 6 years ago Lush offered to buy out Body Shop but Anita Rod**** laughed and sold out to L'Oreal! One reason not shop there again, L'Oreal are owned by Nestle!!!

                  And solid shampoo is fun!
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                    My friend was a keen swimmer and would always take solid shampoo to the pool with her for afterwards. I think for people going to the gym it's good too- small, compact and easy to take along, especially if you offer it with some kind of case- you could sell the case separately like Lush do, and like they do offer it as a complimentary gift if people buy x amount of your products
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                      I would like to know how you got on with your solid shampoo bars as i didn't like how they set up at all when i bought mine from

                      To try and neaten up the top before letting it set up i used rubbing alcohol (just to get rid of bubbles) but i found the end result not very good. The base of the end bars had an unsightly film over them. I tried neatening them up but just not happy with them.
                      Thinking of cold process shampoo bars instead.