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  • why can't i find......

    Any recipes ANYWHERE on liquid hand wash?? Do any of you whats its made out of......? as in any spare recipes?? I want to make a nice coconut hand wash for myself?

    L xx
    Lindsay Duffy

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    hi lindsay, here is a link Liquid soaps are made with potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide ( even more dangerous & volatile !!!).
    If you look on the sage lye calculator you will find a choice;- KOH instead of NaOH - this is for liquid soap.
    Dont know about melt & pour.
    I sometimes make 'liquid soap' for laundry at a low temp by putting grated soap & boiling water into my blender & whizzing++. Bottle and leave to cool before use. This is fine for washing woolens etc but have never made liquid soap like that for hand washing.
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      Hi Lindsay,

      Making it from 'scratch' is a whole new skill base, as Soap Queen says, it's made with Potassium Hydroxide with butters and oils - like a Hot or Cold Process soap - you probably don't want to be messing with that with all you have on your plate

      I know it's not very 'crafty' (or maybe it is but in another meaning of the word lol!) But why don't you buy a Handwash Base - ready made unfragranced base that you can add fragrance and colouring to? My new website isn't up and running yet but this is the sort of thing I will be supplying so if you'd like a small amount to try just let me know...

      All the best

      Jude x
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        We make liquid soap, with natural ingredients and without any chemical additives or preservatives.

        Most if not all "bought in" bases will have a chemical preservative added to it.
        You will still have to get a safety assessment done if you add anything.

        Making liquid soap is not difficult, but as BathBomb Jude says, it is a whole different skills base and not easily learned from a book.

        There are courses for liquid soaps - pm me for details.

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          for ready made bases try the soap kitchen he has supplies for all sorts of shower gels and body washes etc
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            Thanks all, it was just a coconut one i wanted t make for myself.....Not sure what to do now......

            Buy one i guess
            Lindsay Duffy