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  • Can you hook me up?

    Can someone advise on any people I can contact about a safety assessment?
    I ve contacted 2 so far. But the one quoted me £1000!!!!! and the other is taking too long.

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    sarah janes at is very good. I am guessing though that your assessment is not very straight forward lol.


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      Any other?


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        I contacted Sarah. She suggested me to contact that quoted me £1000 for the assessment.
        Thats too much for me.


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          If Sarah suggested you contact cosmetic safety assessment, then like soap queen has already said it might be your assesments are not straight forward.
          What are you wanting to make?
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            After emailing about 100 people I finally found one that will do this for me. I dont even know why it should be that hard. They were all asking me for unnecessary things. All the need to know is the ingredients. But they were asking me for manufacturing process, Good manufacturing practice, MSDS sheets, the packaging and basically the whole Product Information File. One even asked me to give him a stablility test!


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              £1000!!!!! GODFREY, that's AWFUL!!!!!!

              I went to a soap making class tonight...rather a disappointment. I just really wish I could make those wavy surfaces, and get botanicals to stick on the tops...and do fancy stuff with my goat milk soap. She just did not tell about the things I wanted to know more about. My goat milk soap is so boring. Beige to tan. Colorants don't work. I can't make decent waviness on the they're all just flat. BORING.


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                £1000!!!!!!! Gor blimey. I thought £300 was way over the top when I looked into it.......but mine was selling Chilean 'miracle' cream (with a Chilean safety certificate that looked word for word like the EU one to me!) and I was only thinking of selling 10 pots a year..... (so all you poor English girls are doomed to keep your wrinkles and stretchmarks and nasty scars............)

                Gammie, beige, flat and boring.....come on, you never give there there must be a unique selling point. I bet there is no other soap on the market that's beige flat and boring .

                Packaging. Maybe it could be all in the packaging. My anti wrinkle cream was made of snail slime so the crafters put it in rustic boxes with little flower dotted grassy knolls and a little snail on the top......or the best one was soap with a snail shell inside..........Not that I'm suggesting you embed a goat in your soap ......Maybe sell them in a little goat's wool knitted bag? Will that be beige too?

                Sorry I'm being very silly and hijacking Karoloydi's thread.
                Best of luck with your venture, Karol.