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Commercial grade essential oils

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  • soap queen
    have not heard of commercial grade essential oils. A fragrance oil is not an essential oil ( of any description). I would assume that a commercial grade essential oil is one that is of the cheapest varieties eg bulgarian lavender not french lavender and extracted by a cheaper less careful method (squeezing not distillation). Dont forget that any essential oils (or fragrance oils) that you use in products for commercial purpose must come with an MSDS and the appropriate allergen declaration. It can be a costly mistake to get cheap ingredients from dubious sources so be very careful in your supplier and quality of ingredients.

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  • genesis
    started a topic Commercial grade essential oils

    Commercial grade essential oils


    I'm relatively new to the forum and wondered if anyone can help me.

    I would like to get hold of quality essential oils and wondered what does it mean by commercial grade essential oil? Is this a 'pull the wool over your eyes' alternative to fragrance oil?

    I can't seem to find an independent answer to this question and wondered if any forum members could shed light?

    Thanks in advance for your help.