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    Hi im new here and i love this site!
    I was wondering if anyone could advise me and point me in the right direction. I have been making aromatherapy massage blends, balms and salves and have decided i would like to sell them at craft fairs etc. Iknow they have to be certified but have no idea how or where to do this or how much it costs. Could anyone help out please? thanks

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    Hello there ive no idea but im sure someone will be along soon have fun here.


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      I am a soapmaker and all of my products have been through the certification process to assess their safety before selling them to the public. It can seem like a lot of work and expense to begin with, so it helps if you already have some customers lined up waiting to buy!

      The costs will depend on how many products you need to have assessed. You have to submit a report detailing the things such as the formula for each product, the manufacturing process you use, how it will be packaged, and hygiene standards etc.

      Each product you sell will need full ingredients list on it this also has to comply with EU regulations and use the INCI standard names given to each ingredient. As well as the ingredients you must also list the allergens that are contained within the fragrance or essential oils that you are using, these are usually calculated by yourself.

      After the assessment, you must keep what is called a pif for each product. This is like a 'history' file that has to contain MSDS sheets for every ingredient that you use as well as information for every batch of product you make, this must detail where each ingredient was purchased from and the date purchased, this is so that if you have to recall a product there is a history of where each ingredient came from.

      I do hope that some of that made sense, it is a long process and looking back i really don't know how I got through it, i think I remember lots of screaming and tears!!!

      A great place to start with some research is a yahoo group called slippery slope, they deal with all questions dealing with the certification process, they have a file containing links to various labs that will conduct the assessments for you.

      Don't forget that you will also need liability insurance for you and your products, just in case someone has a reaction to a product or just falls over your table covering at a show and decides to sue you!

      I'm usually around if you have any questions

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        There you go i said someone would come along and help xx


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          Hi Julia,

          Leanna has given you some great info there.

          Here's a couple of places who do certification/safety assessment of products.

          David Munden Tel: 01306 627180
          Smallburgh Laboratories Limited Fax: 01306 628040
          Northlands Business Park
          Bognor Road
          West Sussex RH12 3SH

          Dr John Hopkins Tel: 01635 248830
          Innovant Research Ltd Fax: 01635247206
          The Elms, Oxford Road
          Berkshire RG20 8RT
          If you contact them they will give you some indication of costs.

          Hope that helps

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            hi thanks for the replies, you've given me plenty to go on so i shall start wading through it. I is something that i would really like to do and i do feel i would get satisfaction from this. I know it will be hard work so i hope you wont mind me picking your brains


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              I was about to start a new post on this, so it's lucky i saw the one you posted.

              I've been saving up business money for a while now to be able to get a ready made certification package from a company called justasoap but they have just recently decided to review whether they will continue doing it (just my luck).

              Are there any other ready made packages out there?

              When you say it's expensive to do it via laboratories etc - just how expensive are we talking about?



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                  Originally posted by Xanadu86 View Post
                  Hi Xanadu86

                  I've seen a website somewhere, I make candles and was thinking of doing soaps etc but the certification business and labeling put me off! - I'll have a look and get back to you.




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                    Pre-Certified Soap Base

                    Here is one I found. Thinking of having a go myself! cannot post the link for some reason I need 25 posts before I can post any urls!


                    Kind Regards



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                      Hi Gaynor,

                      Thank you for this - i will have a look now,

                      Emily x


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                        Just had a look and they look decent enough. Thanks for the link, will be getting in touch with them! xx


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                          Hi emily

                          You are welcome I'm going to see if they can use some of my oils I use in candles for soap

                          Regards Gaynor


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                            xanadu86.. just been on just a soaps website, and they are now doing certification packs again!


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                              Xanadu is banned.