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  • Hi All I'm New!!!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum & was wondering if I could have some advice please!!

    I would like to start making my own soaps, & have been looking at the melt & pour bases on ebay, is it correct that if I use those I can then sell the soaps as its already certificated? Obviously I dont want to start making them & find out that I cant sell them!!!

    Also how do I go about getting qualified to make my own soaps from scratch?


    Michelle xxx

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    This is a lot of questions! lol. A soap can only be pre-certified and remain so if you add nothing to it (nothing at all!!). So you can melt it and pour it presumably into a mould of some sort. You need to have allergen and MSDS info with the soap so I doubt that Ebay sellers will provide this. Why dont you buy some from ebay to 'play' with. You will make a million mistakes before u r ready to sell ( or was that just me??). so M&P from e bay is a good learning route (learning about M&P not CP or HP). Why not go to a course- Melinda Coss at or Sarah Janes at Both have web sites and offer excellent advice and courses for all levels.

    My advice----- dont be too quick to go into selling- learn your craft first and in that way you will waste much less time, money and effort. and when you do sell it will be a top quality product with your own skill and artistry to make it unique and FABULOUS!!


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      Thank you!!! I really appreciate youanswering me, great advice! I iwll be looking at those links you have given me! I have already bought some m & p form ebay & some basic moulds, like you say to play with etc as I know I iwll definitly make mistakes!!

      I already sell soaps etc but these are from wholesalers & to be truthful I think I iwll get more enjoyment making my own

      Thanks ever so much