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How to decorate cold processed soap?

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  • How to decorate cold processed soap?


    I have just started making (using the cold processed method) small batches (approx 600g) of soap using various quantities of veg oils whilst I search for a recipe that I prefer.
    I love the idea of decorating the soaps with lavender, rosebuds, orange peel etc etc but I am unsure as to how long to leave a batch of this size before demoulding and decorating. All the recipes I have say to leave the soap in the mould for 24 hrs before demoulding, but I have found that even after leaving a batch for only 8 hours the soap is too firm to press decorations into the top.
    Is there a minimum time that I need to leave the batch (due to chemical reactions) before demoulding? Or has anyone found a time that is the optimum time? Or is it possible to decorate after the soap has been in the mould for only an hour or two and then leave for the 24hrs?

    All thoughts and ideas would be most helpful.

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    I cant help you with this one but im sure someone will be along soon to help.I must say you have a lovely hobbie there i have myself bought many soap my fav is one with rose like buds in that flot away in the water good luck.


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      Hello Tina,

      I hope you're having fun with your soapmaking. I'm also a cold process soapmaker and even though I've been making soap for years I'm still learning things!

      Once you have poured your soap, it is important that it is well insulated and free from drafts, therefore, you will need to decorate straight after pouring. As long as your soap has reached trace the flowers will stay on top of the soap without a problem. After pouring and decorating wrap the mould up in a couple of towels and leave somewhere draft free for around 18 - 24 hours before unmoulding. If the soap still seems a little soft or still warm just leave it until its ready tocome out.

      I hope that helps, just shout up if you have any other questions.

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        I read that as soUp and was going to suggest tarragon.

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