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  • Love or money

    I am in a quandry - I am working on a new range of CP soaps. I always have far too many ideas than is business like. I can never decide what makes a best seller. Obviously if we knew we would all be fine-lol. Some of my customers seem to go purely on the look of soap and in particular 'will it go with my bathroom?' I spend ages (& money) making EO blends, subtly colouring with expensive naturals and my customers usually pick up the hideous garish mistake batches that I only brought along because I have too much laundry soap!!!. They buy the clumsy swirls bodge batch bars because it 'matches the tiles in the toilet'!!. From a business point of view is it better to make an over coloured synthetic fragranced soap full of basic oils or to stick to my artistic, ethical soap making guns and strive for the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing, moral bars that i can? Obviously beauty, and quality are in the eye of the beholder but it is getting to be a real dilemma. Am I doing it for love or for money? Can it be both? Any thoughts?

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    I think you can do it for both Love and Money but it is important to keep the balance.

    If you decide to go with the decision to make just "over coloured synthetic fragranced soap full of basic oils " will you still have the same amount of enjoyment making them as you do carefully choosing your colorings and scents now? Will you still have the same amount of pride in your product? or will just doing for the money take away the love you have of making the soaps in the first place?

    On the flip side, by just making the high quality "perfect" soaps, will the thought that potentially missing out on sales niggle you?

    I would still make the high quality soaps you are so proud of and take so much joy and pride in. But equally, allow yourself a "lazy day" or the luxury of making "garish mistake batches" to use up any left overs etc safe in the knowledge that they will still sell!

    Thats my two cents worth anyway


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      I think the 'business-like' approach would be to work out your customer deomgraphics and research what they are buying; from where; and what price they will pay and then work out a range based around that...

      On the other hand....(because I'm a Libra and there is always another hand or two)...if you make what you love to make you will find your customers...or they will find you.

      I adore every single one of my products...I love making them, I love getting feedback for them and I'm not averse to making a bit of money when other people want to buy them...

      I have to say that, since I stopped being business-like about my creations and started making things that I would want to buy, I've been a lot more successful...

      It's the old age debate amongst us creative types I think...Van Gogh never sld a painting in his life time though
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        Have you thought of looking for other venues for selling?
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          love the lateral thinking elaine!