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    I am importing a soap from Asia. I asked for the MSDS sheets for the ingredients and the finished product, but the manufacturer doesnt have any. he said that its not a requirement in their country.
    I ve seen some places where I can download ready made MSDS sheets for different ingredients. Can I use those and just change some details like the name of the supplier on them?

    For example, one of the ingredients that I am using is grapeseed oil.
    I found this website called: MSDS exchange. Comprehensive free MSDS database. I found an MSDS sheet on there for grapeseed oil. Can I just change some details like the name and address of the supplier and use this?

    How about the MSDS sheet for the finished product? Do you think I will be able to prepare one on my own? Or do I need professional advice?

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    I'm a qualified chemist. An MSDS sheet is standard no matter who the supplier is, if the supplier is a reputable company then their MSDS sheet should be up to date and correct. I cant see any reason why you would need to change the MSDS sheet at at as the information about the compounds is the important part - im not sure what the rules are related to soaps tho. If you are having trouble getting some of the MSDS sheets feel free to mesaage me or reply here and i'd be happy to help you.

    With regards to the finished product, this is a difficult one, because adding different compounds together can change what they started out as, like if you mix an acid and an alkali you dont really have either once the reaction is complete depending on the acid and alkali obviously you could end up with water and a neutral salt. I also wouldnt recommend creating your own MSDS sheet by yourself as there are so many things on an MSDS that, no disrespect here, that you would not be able to conclusively pin down on your own.

    Maybe your best bet here is to compile a list of all your ingredients, find their respective MSDS sheets and then take it from there.



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      I know nothing about soap making but wonder whether you should be buying from a firm that cannot produce MSDS sheets? especially with all the rules and regulations now and the possibility of allergic reactions, - which I think you would be responsible for.



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        I think that this is a very risky strategy. The MSDS for individual ingredients are not a problem as stated before but the finished product is another matter. Are you aware that you need certification for your finished products and how much it costs to obtain this-a nightmare if you cannot even produce EU compliant documentation for the ingredients. You really must take accurate advice or you could make an extremely expensive mistake. I think I have suggested before that you contact Sarah Janes at the soap school, or Elizabeth at Gracefruit, or someone at Plush Folly. My instinct is that you are determined to do this so I can only hope that you can get good advice. I bought a fragrance oil from USA & the cost of incorporating that one ingredient (with full FDA documentation) was over £150 for each product I wanted to use it in. I would have just about had to take over the world soap market to make it worth it !!! Luckily I had only bought a small amount and used it for myself.


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          I would be very wary about importing soaps from outside the EU.

          I know of one lady who was stuck with £10,000 of soaps and toiletries from Singapore, which she was unable to sell.


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