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Selling someone else's soaps

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  • Selling someone else's soaps

    Hi girls

    I wondered if you all could help with this query. Im a jewellery crafter myself and sell at many craft fairs, ive been aproached by a friend of a friend's mother to ask if i would be willing to sell her handmade soaps at the craft fairs i do for a cut of the profits as she is disabled. My question is would i need to have copies of her paperwork, certificates, etc....?

    Any help on this would be greatly recieved.

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes you would need copies of certification etc as you would be selling, therefore if something went wrong with a purchase you would be liable.

    You would also need to check with the fair organisers that they are happy for you to sell third party goods, most will not be.


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      Some or most fair organisers do not accept more than one type of craft on your stall, and all items being sold usually have to have been made by the stall holder, or someone on the stall representing the maker.

      I think you've been placed in quite a difficult situation, it would obviously be hard to say no to your friends mother, but you have to take into account the fact that you are doing this fair to promote and sell your own products - what if people are more interested in her soaps and she gets more sales? You would be gutted!

      Has she offered to pay for half of the stall fee?

      Also it would be taking up valuable display space on the stall, which could be used for your items, and you might be limited by which things to display.

      I hope it all works out ok for you


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        I don't think you have to have all the paperwork actually with you...I would suggest the following:

        * Make sure she is registered with the local Trading Standards office.

        * Make sure she has product liability insurance.

        * Make sure she is keeping proper records - she needs to keep a Product Information File for every product.

        * Make sure she has had everything safety assessed and certified - ask to see the documents.

        * Check the conditions of where she is making the soap.

        * Check that she understands whats required for on the labels as there are very strict guidelines on what needs to be recorded on the labels.

        If anyone makes a complaint about the products you or she would be required to produce the Product Files within 5 days...and as a seller you can be held equally liable if something goes wrong...

        I would think that, if she's a home-crafter, she hasn't thought of any/all of the above and this is likely to put her off


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          I agree with Jude but if it doesn't put her off.........
          selling other people's stuff has advantages (as well the the disadvantages of some crafter fair organisers not letting you in).
          Some fairs are not fussy and will welcome you. You are in the happy position of being able to do both kinds - so you're in a win win situation.
          Taking a cut (I suggest 1/3rd) means you make money without having to find the extra time needed for making and she makes money too, and you both end up feeling good.
          If you ask her for half the pitch fee you can chance your arm on an expensive pitch as you halved your out goings and if it's a disaster it doesn't seem so bad. If it's a success you might never have found out if you'd stuck to going it alone.