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Advice needed please on soap cupcakes ?

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  • Advice needed please on soap cupcakes ?


    Im trying to make the icing part on top of the bomb part of the cupcake,
    but im not sure if im doing it right or what to buy really?

    Sainsburys is just down the road from me, i obviously need some icing that gos really hard and wont go mouldy or fall apart if you know what i mean.

    I was thinking of buying something by Betty Crocker or Dr oetker baking products, they do quite a few ready made ones in tubs.

    I think someone once recommended me to buy royal icing, but is just as simple as throwing it all in a piping tube or bag, squirting it on the cupcake and wait 24 hours to get it to go hard ??!

    Thanks very much,

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    Hi Charlotte
    I am sorry but you have really confused me, I have read both posts and I am not sure if you are making bombs or soaps or a combination. If you are wanting a recipe for the topping of your soap cupcakes, you can make a soap frosting. There is a recent thread titled how to make soap frosting with melt and pour base on here, only a few posts down from this one. If you are wanting a bomb topping , hopefully someone will come along to advise you, as I have no clue myself.