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  • Newcomer needs advice please...

    Hi guys,

    I've been looking around the internet for some advice and this appears to be a really helpful forum.

    For a while I've been interested in making my own products in terms of soap, skincare, shampoo, conditioner, lip balms etc. Well, after finally deciding to get the ball rolling I need to know where to start.

    I've done a fair amount of research and definitely want to go ahead.

    My question is, do you need to do a course in order to become certified? If so, what sort of course should it be? Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I am aware that you need your products to be safety tested in order to sell. As I wish to do this, how do you proceed with this?

    Can you tell that I don't know a lot???

    If anyone could start me off I'd be hugely appreciative.

    Many Thanks...

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    Hi Munki,

    There's a few recent topics on getting started.

    A course would be advisable if you're a complete beginner (save a lot more researching) - London area seems to be the best bet (can't think where Plush Folly are offhand, I think they're south of London). Completing a course isn't a specific requirement of obtaining certification though.

    I'll dig out some more info later.
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      Hello Munki

      Welcome to the forum.

      You can be certified - without going on a course.

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        Thanks guys!

        I actually know someone that's going to teach me so I'm not sure a course is necessary at this stage.

        So, am I right in thinking that you need to be certified in order to sell? How do you become certified?

        What exactly are we talking about with certification???


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          It isn't the person that needs to be certified it is the product. I think you are a little confused between Safety Testing and Certification...Your Safety Assessment is basically your Certificate of Safety Assessment - i.e Certification.

          Trading Standards are usually a good place to start...some local authorities are more knowledgeable than others but if you Google "Trading Standards selling cosmetics" you'll find some useful information comes up from some Local Authorities...this is a good place to start as it breaks down some of the main points of the legislation for you.

          Good Luck

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