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new to the world of soapmaking, a little advice please.

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  • new to the world of soapmaking, a little advice please.

    I few months ago I started selling handmade soaps, bath bombs and bath salts bought in bulk from a supplier. I wanted to do it this way to see if there was a market in my area and it seems that there is as we have no shops as such that you can buy anything similar (not even a proper boots where you can buy giftsets lol)

    No I have made a couple of batches of bathsalts and bathbombs and I am of the opinion that they have turned out quite well. My lovely friends have even tried them out for me . What I need to know is all about the cetification process (i have read a few threads already and a few websites but just want to make sure my thinking is right).

    Can I take the recipie that I have used and add a list of fragrances I wish to produce and have it certified to allow me to sell? EG I have made ylang ylang bath salts but would like to also make other varieties, would I have to have each certified or could all fragrances just be added on th one certificate? Same for bath bombs really.

    Also can anyone recommend a good place to get them certified? Many thanks x

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    Your best bet is to go via Sarah Janes who operates an advice agency and progression to assessment from a very good assessor.

    You'll have a base recipe with lots of variations for additives, including fragrances - the same goes for a bath bomb assessment (very great variations allowing the making of other products besides bath bombs).

    These services are are not cheap - but some assessors are very rigid re recipe plus charge for each variation.

    You'll need to move quickly as the regulations in the pipeline mean that assessments will be much more expensive in the future.
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      Welcome to the wacky world of soap making and toiletries.
      I can only agree with the other 2 postings.

      I would suggest you do your homework first, the cost of getting products signed of is not cheap, so unless you intend to either sell very expensive or sell lots you may find it is not cost effective.


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        Hi Gracefruit also do assessment which are cheaper than Sarah Janes for if you are just starting off although Sarah Janes are the Best ones which cover loads and loads of things.
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          Sarah's sold her mould business so you won't find a link on that site now.

          Send me a pm if you want her email address.
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