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Allergens in essential oils

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  • Allergens in essential oils


    After I have taken a course, I will be experimenting with making creams etc... to eventually sell. I'm still trying to decide whether I should add essential oils to them or not as I know many of them contain allergens. I was thinking to get around this, I could offer one version of cream with the essential oils added and the exact same one without any oils.

    What do you think, would this be a good idea?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Personally I prefer creams without an added scent, so long as the base oils don't have an offputting smell. You can but non allergen fragrance oils but I'm not sure they are scents you would want in a cream.
    Perhaps you could look at the allergens in essential oils and chose ones with fewer allergens? Or maybe try some with and without and get some people to test them, see what they like best?


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      I would expect that the use of essential oils will be covered during the course as many of them have skin enchancing or antibiotic properties.

      It's difficult to assess the risk factor of the 16 allergens which have to be listed if present over the stated percentage (the other 10 of the 26 are found only in fragrance oils) as these oils have been used in Aromatherapy for years but a listing of the frequency of adverse incidences seems to well hidden.

      Some people will prefer the added fragrance/benefits of EOs and those with allergies will avoided those which affect them.
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        Yes, I think making both versions and getting people to try them out may be the way to go. The course does cover essential oils so that will be a great help.

        Thanks ladies!