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Can you add scent rice to use in heat bags

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  • Can you add scent rice to use in heat bags

    Hi- New project taking shape very quickly!!

    Just wondered if it was possible to 'scent' my rice to use in heat bags before I add it to the bag?

    I have tried peppermint tea bags- but not getting much from them.

    I don't want to add lavender as I have heard it can catch fire

    I thought of maybe buying some fragrance oil from homemade soap/bathbomb making companies and splashing some over the rice.

    Any thoughts?

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    i add lavender to my heat bags and to date i've never heard of any going on fire and i test each one in the microwave before i even think about selling them and usualy give them a bit longer than normal (between 2 and 5 minutes) and i laminate the instructions so more chance of people keeping them and i have used lavender with both rice and wheat with great success .... hope this helps
    while i knit i think


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      becareful which oils you use during pregnancy i heard some can be harmfull .
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        Thanks Craftyfox and Goldy

        I was thinking oils as it will work out cheaper!

        As a midwife I have done an aromatherapy in pregnancy course and know which oils are safe- I love peppermint and hope to use that- however you can't use that in pregnancy (not sure why!!) I hope that will appeal more to the male market

        Lavender is safe- so will definately use that!

        My mind is going wild now with ideas for this project- smaller bags for knee/elbow, shaped ones for the neck/shoulders.....where do I stop!!??


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          I believe Peppermint oil can bring on contractions

          hope that is useful
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            And Don't forget our favourite labour oil - Clary Sage! NOT before 34 weeks though I think...

            In my labour kit this time, I have made up 5 massage oils:

            Lavender(calming/ soothing), Bergamot (uplifting), Frankinsense (comforting), Clary Sage (relaxing) and Marjoram (relaxing).

            I wonder if there is a way to add a different scent pouch (for want of a better word) depending on your mood??? Version 2 maybe eh?


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              Oh- Alison - stop it!!! My head is going to explode with all these ideas!!

              I am going to stay clear of clary sage because I can't find any conclusive data about it- some claim it stimulates uterine contractions, some state this is a myth!! I used in my last job to help women who were overdue.

              What I was going to do is add afew drops of essential oil to the rice mix it up in a large storage tub- ready to use when I fill the bags.

              The only oil I have at the moment is a fragrance oil 'Baby Powder' which I have experimented with- and now I stink of it!! (it's awful!!)

              Thanks again