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Best filling for a wheat bag

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  • Best filling for a wheat bag

    Just wandering which filling is best in a wheat bag (appart from the obvious!!!!)

    I have tried rice and this works well- it seems to stay warmer for longer.

    Has anyone used cherry stones? And where can you get them from?



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    i use wheat and rice and yes the rice seems to stay warmer for longer and no i haven't tried the cherry stones would love to but when i first priced them the carriage to northern ireland ment that i would have to charge £21 for something a normally charge £8 for so i have to work with what i have and my local farmers supplies does 25kg of wheat for £7.50!!!!

    and the other plus with the rice is that it seems to mould itself better to the area
    while i knit i think


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      by, cherry stones, do you mean the stones in cherries or something else?


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        Hi, I do mean the stones from cherries- i think they are actually called cherry pits- a very big business in Michigan in USA- cheap as chips over there- but I guess P+P would be huge!!!!

        Wheat is the cheapest- but it just has an awful smell to it!!! I have found by adding various herb/fruit tea bags into the rice- you can get a lovely aroma.

        I just liked the idea of the cherry pits because they are different and from my research keep warm longer.

        They are a by-product from the cherry industry eg canned cherries, glace cherries, cocktail cherries. They are also big in Switzerland where they make cherry liquer and marachino cherries.

        I just can't find any in the UK.

        Think I will have to stick to rice!!


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          Another alternative is pearl barley which you can get from the supermarket.