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    I have been making soap for couple months but I bought some off a friend of mine, not to look stupid as I covered a course and passed soap making but an american online course that never mentioned batch numbers, can someone please tell me how I discover what batch numbers are and where do I find them.

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    As far as I know you make up your own batch numbers. This is so that if there is a problem with any of them you know which ones were made together and you can then take out the rest if you need to.



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      It's a form of stock control, as said before, so you know exactly what ones were made and when they were made. I used to work at a tile factory and if they had any problems with the products they were ablt to trace where they were made, what with, who by and on what date just by the batch number.

      You can do your own batch numbers, the very simpliest way is to start with colour 1 - batch 1, colour 1 - batch 2 etc. Eventually you will work out the best way for you.
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        Thx for your help, this is a great forum as I have asked a couple of soap retailers about this and never got back to me. cheers once again xx


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          Just as the other have said - just make up a number and then follow on. I use a code. Basically i started with S001 and then carried on. You can then enter this on your PIF so if anyone has a problem they can give you the batch number and you can trace back all the info.

          Hope this helps
          The Soap Fairy xx


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            I started in my PIF as 001 too. For every single soap batch i make, no matter how large or small i mark the date, the batch number, exactly what has gone into making the soap. This way if anything is queried, you can look it up straight away, and see exactly what went into your soap.

            Good luck!

            Claire x

            p.s when you label your soap with the ingredients, it will help you if you also put the batch number on the corresponding soap label.


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              I combine the 2. My batch no. is the date backwards 801121 for today, and if I made 2 batches they would be A & B. I really didn't want to start at batch 1, I've been making the stuff for 2 years, but there's no way I would have sold a lot of those, so this seemed logical to me.


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                If I'm making a batch for a wholesale order I prefix it with the initials of the customer.

                On your batch record there should also be the batch numbers of each ingredient with name of supplier (if no batch number use invoice number). The purpose of batch numbers is to enable tracing of products should there be a complaint to investigate.
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