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    Hi all,

    mrs works-in-wood has suggested that she should start making stuff for sale alongside me at Craft Fairs (I'm a Woodturner) and asked me to investigate soap making.

    I was suprised about the certification you guys needed, but I've read up most of the posts here and I'm starting to get the idea.

    Now for the really dumb question: 5 kg of melt and pour + whatever colours and fragrances etc makes how many kg of soap ?

    The labelling on each bar of soap - must this contain every single ingredient ?

    I'm sure I can find some more daft q's as well, but that'll do for now.


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    Hi Chris
    5kg M&P soap will make 5kg of soap! If you add extra oils or butters to it then you may have a bit more, but you're limited on how much you can add before you lose the lather. Sorry a vague answer, I don't make M&P.
    Every ingredient from your M&P base plus what you add must be listed on your label (in inci names ie olea europaea, not olive oil) plus a batch no. contact info. You must have an assessment on any product that you alter in any way.


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      I think the labels and pifs etc are more time consuming than making soap lol but hey ho! Plus working out the allergies for each fragrance. I've actually started putting them down on the label regardless of the % content as I find it saves time in the long run, plus it's covering my bottom lol
      Vanya xXx