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Chocolate bath bombs/melts!

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  • Chocolate bath bombs/melts!

    A friend has asked if I can make her some sweet/chocolatey smelling bombs or melts. I want to stick to natural products, rather than fragrance oils, can anyone recommned any ingredients I could try please? I read one recipe that added cocoa, but that left me with visions of her relaxing in a bath of hot chocolate!!
    Any ideas would be gratefully received!
    Many thanks

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    Hi Fran,

    I use cocoa powder to colour my chocolate bath bombs - although I do use fragrance oils. I also use melted organic chocolate in my cold processed and glycerine soaps and you can certainly add melted chocolate to bath melts and lip balms. It's a big thing at the moment to use chocolate spa products and chocolate is reputedly very good for te skin as well as having aromatherapy benefits as the smell promotes the production of endorphins.

    I don't think you'll need so much cocoa powder that it would make a cocoa bath as it would be very diluted in a tub full of water.

    Not sure about a natural chocolate fragrance but there are organic fragrance oils you can buy or maybe chocolate extract?

    Hope this helps

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      You could use raw unrefined cocoa butter (which has the colour and aroma) grated into bombs or as one of your butters in melts and possibly add some natural chocolate essence.

      I've used both in fizzing bath melts
      ElaineJ soap and other stuff