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  • Success!

    Bath bomb number 1 has just hit the water - and it was fine! Yippee!

    Hubby is now relaxing in a moisturising geranium scented bath, bless him

    My only small criticism is that I would have like it to fizz for longer, should I just increase the citric to bicarb ratio?

    Thanks everyone for your replies to my many threads last week, they really helped.


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    i would inceas bicarb whats yr ratio i use 3 bic to 1 citric


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      To make the bath bomb fizz longer it needs to be compressed more, not more added. You have got the ingredients just right. Do you use a compressing bath bomb machine?


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        ooh that sounds dangerous. a compressing bath bomb machine... the mind boggles. hope it works for you.
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          Um no, no machine, not even a mould!! I was too impatient to wait for the moulds to arrive! I did struggle to compact them into balls, so that's probably it....collecting moulds tomorrow so will make some more tomorrow evening and test later in the week.

          Thanks for the tip - it hadn't occured to me that it was the "compactancy!"


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            I use a 2:1 ratio and produce very fizzy bath-bombs (It's the citric that reacts to the water so it stands to reason that the more citric the more fizz!).

            Pressing them hard is also key but I would also let them dry and harden for a few days too.

            Good Luck with your next batch
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              I use 2:1 ratio and the moulds which hold together without clips (also used as gift boxes and tree decorations for small sweets, beads, bathmelts etc.).

              There are different grades of bicarb and citric acid, some fine powder and some small crystals. Some suppliers offer a choice and some just one or the other; it's worth shopping around until you find the grade which suits you best.

              I've found that filling each half and pressing lightly then overloading each half and forcing together gives a goodly result.
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