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More bath bomb help please

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  • More bath bomb help please

    I know I am in severe danger of being a pest, but I have two more questions, then I'll try not to post any more until I've had a go at making the damn things!
    Firstly, how do you add shea/coco butter to bombs? I love the ones from lush with butter in...
    Secondly, any tips on using moulds other then the bath bomb ones? Had ideas of making different shapes as xmas pressies for friends but don't want to waste money on something that won't work! Could I use soap moulds, are they pretty much the same? What about using something like a pastry cutter, on to greasproof papaer and jamming it full of mix, leaving for 10 mins then removing cutter??
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi fran, there's a few ways to add the butters but a quick way is grate it really finely and the bath water melts it for you.
    You can use virtually anything as a mold... good luck

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      I usually melt my shea butter, then pour it into the bath bomb mixture (before I add the water) and rub it in, as if I was making pastry.

      I have used loads of different soap moulds, here are a couple of examples ....

      but be careful not to use anything with very fine detail. I usually pack the mixture into the mould then tip it out and leave it to dry.

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