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little bit of help please

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  • little bit of help please

    I've been making natural bath and products for a while now, and i want to start selling them, to do this i need get them safety tested, can anyone recommend a company/lab that will do this for me, that is inexpensive.

    so far i have contacted three companies all have failed to reply to my emails,
    So i'm looking for a company that others have used and recommend.


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    There is a soap maker on this forum Soapwitch I believe is her name.Im sure she will be along soon to help.

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      I'm here

      Isn't it a nightmare when you're starting out. All of the safety testing and pifs can seem like a minefield!

      I've sent you a message to let you know who I use. He is wonderful and I'm sure he'll be able to help.

      Best of Luck
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        Thanks' I have sent him an email tonight, see if he can help.

        You're right about it being a minefield I have had so much conflicting information. some say all i needed was the mds of each product i use to make a final product up, others say i needed my final product safety tested. Then there is a difference between water based cream and lotions and ones that use just oils. It's all so confusing,

        I want to do this right so i want them safety tested, i've got all the mds information for each product i use. so it helps in the pif files, Think most of the hard work that side is done.

        my friends and family who have tried my products over time all love them and say i should make a business out of them, I started as an aromatherpist and it went on from there, i'm also studying herbology, to be a herbologist and have a whole range of alternative health options.

        i seem to be doing 8 things at once at the moment hence the lack of sleep, but i want my products done soon so i can catch the christmas market.