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    Hi everyone
    My first post and I'm already addicted to the forum!
    I am just looking into making my first batch of bath bombs & salts, really just an experiment at this stage as I tend to be full of great ideas and not quite so clever when it comes to practicalities!
    I live in Farnborough, Hants and am struggling to find somewhere that sells cosmetic dyes that are safe for bombs, soaps etc....I really want to crack on so don't want to wait for delivery from a website at this stage. Also would like to try small amounts of several colours while I have a play around with ideas.
    Does anyone know of suppliers in Hants or Berks that I can actually visit? Is Hobbycraft worth the drive??
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Fran and welcome to the forum I am in Lindford just south west of Farnham so not far from you. There are several of us in this are perhaps we ought to make an effort and meet one day for lunch.

    I do not know of any one around here that sells the supplies you are looking for, Soap Kitchen are very good and I know there are makers on here who will help. Also not sure about Hobbycraft, you would really need a spe******t supplier have used Soap Kitchen myself and found them very helpful.


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      Just a soap are good for supplies and if making bath bombs you might be better off with liquid colours not pigments as these stain the bath.
      They are very quick to deliver, usually next day if you order before 12.
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        Thanks girls
        If using liquid colours, when do you add them without starting the fizzing action?
        I am going to include bath salts in the recipe, as per an american recipe I found on line, would it be a good idea to add EO's to the salts then leave to dry out before adding to the rest of the mixture? I read this somewhere on the forum and it seems to make sense.
        I have so many questions!!! Will try to add them slowly rather than in a mad rush, or I'll drive everyone mad!


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          just a soap are next day delivery and are really good i have used them for the past 2 years


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            I started buying my supplies from ebay as I was only making soaps for myself. If you search around on the internet there are alot of competetive prices around just takes alot of research I guess to get a supplier you are happy to use =)