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receipe for massage bars/ bath serbert

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  • receipe for massage bars/ bath serbert

    hi i am after a receipe for massage bars a very simple one.
    i have been on the internet looking and they all seem to be american and a little hard to follow. also how do i make bath serbert how do i colour it with powder colour or can i use liquid colour?
    thanks to all

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    Massage bars & Bath Sherbet


    Massage bars are fairly easy - you can either just use Cocoa Butter which is very solid even when warm but will still melt on skin or you can add a little of some other butters (The softer the butter the less you should use). A little Shea or Mango is nice. Also a small amount of oil and also maybe some Vitamin E which is good for the skin and can help stop the oils going rancid. Just remember that the less cocoa butter you use the more likely the bar will melt at room temperature or in hot weather.

    By bath Sherbet I assume you mean that fizzy crumbly stuff which a lot of people make out of bath bombs that go wrong - you could just make a bath bomb gone wrong!

    You need Sodium bicarbonate and Citric Acid and some water or oil. You can use liquid colours (you get a stronger colour sometimes) and I would suggest that you spray the Sodium Bicarbonate with your liquid colour and then let it dry out - you then mix the sodium, citric, oil and fragrance together. It it sets hard just put it in a strong plastic bag and mash it with a hammer.

    Hope this helps
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      hi when i make bathbombs i use which hazel and no oil can this still work.


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        thanks for that info i have made a strawberry bath fizz and a lemongrass will wait for them to dry out and take out my fusation on them in morning
        thanks agian