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  • Bath Bomb Help!

    Thought I would try my hand at making some bath bombs as gifts so bought a kit. Instructions are fine except when you get to the spritzing bit - I dont really know how to tell if I have spritzed enough or too much - how do you know when its just right?

    I also had a problem with a couple getting them out of the moulds and a few bits sticking to the mound so the shape wasnt even --- is this a spritzing problem or maybe Im not leaving them in the mould long enough or is it something else????

    Dropped a deformed one in my bath last night and it fizzed away happily but would love some tips please .....

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    Bath Bomb Help


    They can be tricky but once you get the knack you suddenly have a light bulb moment - here are some tips:

    It's easier to use a little oil before spritzing - don't ask me why I don't know but they work much better.

    You only need the tiniest amount of liquid - here's an example of how little you need - I left some pre-mixed Sodium and Citric in a bag overnight on a fairly damp evening and the next day it was rock hard! The hardness of a bomb comes as much from a chemical reaction between the ingredients as it does from the added moisture.

    Some people use a 3 to 1 ratio of Sodium and Citric - this has never worked for me - the more citric the stickier and better the mix and the more fizzy the bombs so I recommend 2:1 ratio.

    If you are using say 500g of Sodium and 250g of Citric you will probably only need a couple of squirts from your bottle.

    You have to mix or whisk quickly or the citric starts activating - I use an electric whisk but I am making in bulk - so a hand whisk will do but whisk fast and then listen to see if the citric has started fizzing - if it has - then whisk some more.

    The texture is the really tricky bit - remember you can always add more liquid but you can't take it away. After you've mixed for a bit you should start to see 'clumps' appearing - when it starts 'clumping together of it's own accord you can do a simple test.

    After you've squirted and whisked and it's begun 'clumping' grab a handful of your mix and squeeze it as hard as you can in your hand - then drop it from about 1 foot into your bowl of mix - if it completely 'dissolves' into powder you need more liquid. If it drops in a fairly stable lump with just a few stray bits falling off then it's ready to mould.

    Fill each half of your mould very full and pack it tight and then press them tightly togther.

    If you have the mixture right the bomb will unmould perfectly - if it sticks in the mould or crumbles when you take it out of the mould then it needs either more liquid or less liquid (you could add more mixture).

    I sit mine on paper napkins to dry - some people leave them in the moulds.

    If your bombs are expanding and flattening then you've added too much liquid and you need more mixture. If you haven't got any more mixture I would cram the mix into an ice cube tray - cover it with cling film and you can still use the bombs - it's just hard to make sphere's with mixture that has gone wrong.

    Phew!!! Hope this helps...
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      why do bath bombs go brown?

      I havent had this problem, but its happened to a friend a couple of times. I cant see what shes doing wrong. Ive tried searching online but i cant really find anything.

      I know that certain oils can discolour things, ive had it happen to me when using coconut and vanilla, but she seems to think its the colourant, even though the colourant says its for bath bombs


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        I'm glad I am not the only one that is having problems with bath bombs. Just think that I have got it right and then it either crumbles or starts flattening - lets just say I now have a good supply of fairy dust. the above is some really good advice must try again and write exactly what i have done.
        The Soap Fairy xx


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          Bath Bomb Help


          I think it is more likely to be the fragrance than the colouring - as I have had them go brown even when there are no colourings in them.

          Vanilla is the most notorious and the Soap Kitchen sell a specific Vanilla designed not to discolour - I believe. I think it has the same effect in M & P Soaps.

          I've not had Coconut go brown but I expect if Vanilla does it then others do.

          If I can be of any help with making Bath Bombs just let me know.

          All the best

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            Is she adding anything else to her bath bomb? I know certain powdered additives (apart from sodium bicarbonate and citric acid) turn brown after sometime.


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              Vanilla will go brown and any other fragrance that has vanilla in it will also go brown.
              You can buy 'non-discolouring' fragrances. Any fragrance that is dark in colour can cause a colour distortion.

              I use a 3-1 bomb mix and dont have any problems with that mix. The only problem with making bombs is the weather. On damp days you need less water, it is more down to feel of the mix, you just know when it is right.
              Personally i mix all my bombs by hand rather than use a mixer, i also sell wholesale and can make very quick. Once your mix is ready to mould do it quickly as the mix will begin to dry and you can not add more water as it makes a bomb that crumbles and does not set hard.
              Well thats my penneth worth for what its worth
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                Thank you for all your tips!

                Another question - when you say add a little oil before spritzing what do you mean? I put a couple of drops of essential oil in my mix, is that right?

                Also only a couple of spritzes seems a tiny amount compared to what I had to use last night to get my mix from just being a powder - I MUST be doing something wrong ....


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                  Bath Bomb Help

                  I use a little Almond Oil in my Bath bombs - if you're only making one or two bombs then something like a teaspoon full would do it (if you don't have any Almond Oil you can use Olive Oil from the kitchen cupboard as long as it is pure Olive Oil and not some nasty cooking oil variety). The oil helps them stick, stay stable and is nice on the skin when the bombs are put in the bath.

                  If you're only using a little mixture then a few squirts should do it - it's so hard to say because, as others have pointed out, so much will affect the bath bombs (like the weather). But if you start with a couple of squirts and then give it a really good mix and then test the mixture (squeeze it in your hand etc) then squirt it a couple of times more.

                  What you often find is that as you stir/whisk the mixture seems to get wetter even without you adding more liquids - I think this is because stirring brings more of the sodium in contact with the liquid so it begins to absorb it more. But I'm not a scientist so I'm not sure why this happens.

                  If I'm making just one or two bombs I often find that just the fragrance oil is enough liquid for the mixture to start clumping together and then one squirt of water and start moulding like crazy!

                  Some people only use oils or butters and leave the water out - water makes the bombs set faster and harder but it's the water that starts the citric fizzing so you can just use oil (or melted shea or cocoa butter) but sometimes the bombs crack when they harden.

                  All the best
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                    Great help thanks!! Cant wait to get mixing now!!


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                      Eureka!!!!! Just tried again to make some bombs (didnt get chance over the weekend) and they are great!! I definately added too much water to my first batch.

                      Thank you all for the advice!!!


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                        Bath Bombs --- Yay!!!

                        That's good to hear

                        You'll never want to stop making them now...
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                          hi i did a course on bathbombs and we used water i found his a nightmare!!
                          i googled what else i could use and i now use which hazel its brill i spritz till its the feel of wet sand you have to keep mixing the mixture as it will go off but if its getting out of control throw in a handful of sodium bio to calm it down. i do half bathbombs its easier and people get more for theremoney and for the mould i find rubber ones great i.e ice cube trays can leave them in though they are dry with in 10-15 mins


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                            I made my first batch today, although i did use Almond Oil (only a teaspoon per 3 bombs) i think i may have spritz too much water in the mix, as everything seemed to be fine, i took them out of the mould easily, they looked perfect, but i checked on them after 2 hours, and the bottom of the bombs are no longer round, they have started to go flat i realise they take 48 hrs to fully harden etc, but the flat bit will stay there now, do you think i spritzed too much? I dont have enough moulds yet to leave them all in their moulds till they harden........ i will try less spritzing next time.

                            Claire x