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Cold process fancy effects!

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  • Cold process fancy effects!

    Hi I have just made my first batch of olive oil soaps (looks like they have worked and I will know in a few weeks when they have fully cured!). I was wondering if anyone knows of some different techniques of how to make the soaps look different either by swirly effects or patterns? (I am very eager to do some pretty techniques)

    Also if you were to put a label on the soap (I am hoping to give them to people over Christmas) do you mention lye or lye water or its proper name?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Gina...
    There is a lot you can do with swirls and colors and the results can be really random but makes them more unique.

    Take some of your base and color it then add it back in the main batch and just swirl don't stir to much or you wont see the swirl.(oh after you've traced )
    as for the label you put saponified (there is no need to put lye as it does not exist in the final product) and then your oils since its just for family the name of the oils and such would be ok in plain english no need for inci stuff. as soon as you are past the family stage though don't forget to get your recipes certified or there is a whole heap of legislation and legal stuff that trading standards and others can through at you.

    I'll look through my bookmarks and see if i can find some cool sites with instructions for you later..

    Have fun

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      Hi thats great, thank you so much. I will look forward to trying some swirls at the weekend when I have another play!

      Thanks again