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    I am new to the uk cratfs forum. I make handmade cosmetics, soaps and candles. I don't know much about the regulations but have a couple of good suppliers I buy the base prducts from which I know do not test on animals. I use a little shop in leeds which use the purest of pure products and everything is 100% natural and tested by people who work in the shop. I have been involved in some testing myself. The website address for them is There is also who I have found very helpful and friendly and the base products are natural.

    Hope the information is useful.


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    First of all i'd like to welcome you to the craft forums....

    Great resources...

    Good to see natural products can be easily assesable to the uk craft market!!

    Good luck..

    If you have any other resources then share them .... All info is very welcome here!

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      i have a couple of good sites

      but as i'm new here, They won't let me post them until i've made 25 posts so if anyone is interested in natural products for skin care then send me a private message.

      used one site, package arrived damaged via courier, apparently there was a leak in the courier van, two glass bottles were smashed and the glass was everywhere but rest of package ok,although covered in liquids.
      emailed company straight away, they phoned me back told me to throw package out and they will replace it. also that if anything was viable in the package to keep it. top marks to them for excellent service.

      Better than another one i used despite numerous email and phone calls still waiting on half the order, they never reply to email, but did promise me they would send order 3 days ago still not received. They did certifcation packages as well but never bothered to reply to emails. before i realised this i sent them a large order this week, i'm thinking of cancelling it now.


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        I'm sure you'll soon have your posts up to 25!!
        Welcome aboard!!
        I have always said that the mark of a good supplier, business etc. is how they deal with things that go wrong.. This is life, things do go wrong, but as you did, a polite notification be it via email or phone, that things are not right should be all that is needed to put things right!!
        I do have to say though, that I have had customers in the past who have been rather aggressive when they phoned or emailed. I am then much less inclined to be generous!!!
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          i try not to get aggressive or frustrated but when someone doesn't bother to respond to emails or phonecalls it does leave you feeling that way. I just think it's common curtesy and good customer service to reply. not to have anyword in a month of emails and phone calls.

          I'm going to end up calling yet again on tuesday to see where my order is, i've never been aggressive or frustrated on the phone always polite but i'm rapidly losing patience with the company.

          As far as i'm concerned they have no lost all future business i could have put their way.