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    With ollie causing me all that stress and being fast on my way to 40 i have one or two (ah hem!) wrinkles. the ones above my nose on my forehead are particuallly noticable. Anyway, on my Marie Claire Magazine this month I got an amazing little sample of the OLay Regenerist. It works fantastically. the effect is temporary, but the wrinkles are sort of puffed up and become barely noticable which is a great thing. Just thought I'd tell you all how pleased I am.
    My sister got me the subscription as a birthday present and it's fab as it always comes with a brilliant free gift. I've so far had flip flops, body butter from body shop, a bag from debenhams and now the regenerist. it's like having a present every month. and then Eden (8) sits down and reads the magazine from cover to cover!
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    I've used Olay since I was 9 years old, every day. I swear by it and the amount of people who are surprised when I tell them how old I am!

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      Now I've hit 50 I try to be really careful about the products that I use on my skin. From what you've said Regenerist sounds brilliant! I've just ordered some skin care products by a company called Philosophy, it's had some really good write-ups, so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lives up to expectations!

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        My mum was 50 this year, she has never smoked and drinks only occasionally, she has also used olay since she was a teenager and her skin is lovely, she does not look 50, in fact her skin is probably in much better condition that mine and I am half her age!

        Not sure I like the sound of using cream that puffs up my face though! sounds dodgy to me.......... why don't you just find something you are allergic to instead, it'll have the same effect (and probably be much cheaper!)


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          ive used oil of olay since i was in my 20s im now 48 and people dont think i look my age i swear by my cream but you must moisturise every day and dont forget your hands .
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            They don't sell it by the bucketful so there is no point in my bothering now. Haha
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