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  • Selling Soaps & Bath Bombs

    HI, i'm new!

    I was wondering if you guys could help me. I'm looking into the possibility of selling bath bombs and soaps (not made by myself - bought from a supplier in bulk). I can know that all these products have been certified. However, what i do not know is how i must label these products for sale by law. The bath bombs and some soaps will be sold loose (with bags for the customers to put them in) some soaps will be bought in as loaves and cut and wrapped by myself before being put on display, and some soaps will come pre cut and wrapped by the supplier. Can anyone tell me what I need to put on the labels by law. Obviously i cannot label a loose bath bomb, but must i put something else, say an information card nect to the display? Ive looked on the trading standards website and just got confused. I wondered if anyone could spell it out in black and white for me?? thanks

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    You will probably find that the supplier will put a label on the products that you buy from them which they should do to comply with EU regulations.

    Basically all ingredient should be listed plus a contact name and contact number, a batch number and weight but as I said the supplier should have this on they products which you would be able to copy.

    Hope this helps
    The Soap Fairy xx


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      yes it does, thanks.

      with the contact name and details, would i put the suppliers details?

      One of the compannies i'm going to be dealing with is just a wholesaler, the products aremanufacturer by another company, how would i go about this, would i put the wholesalers name and details on or the supplier before them??

      and with the loose toiletries, would i just put all the details on the price sign for example?

      and with the weights (sorry about the questions) if the supplier advertises them at say 80g, can I use this as the weight, even though some will obviously be a bit heavyer than this as they can't all be exact. is it just an average weight. thanks again


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        ok so ive been in touch with trading standards again. any loose items e.g. loose small soaps or loose bath bombs can be sold per item, soap loaves however must be sold by weight when they are cut. i don't understand this as my supplier to be sell it too me at an item price (even though they are cutting it for me), why don't they have to sell to me by the kilo??? am i being a bit thick here?

        and isn't it going to be a bit difficult doing my books when i'm buying it in at an item price but selling it by the kilo??


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          You'll need to have something like a piece of card in the basket/box etc that you'd have the loose bombs in with the ingredients listed on that... The customer needs to see them to make an informed choice and they've got to be easily identifiable to the product... ie, a card at the back of the basket not a set of cards on the front of the table...

          Your supplier should have all the info you need to copy from their label - and you'll also need to include the postcode or city of the actual manufacturer... That's for Trading Standard traceability so if ever there was a problem with a product then it can be tracked back to the manufacturer and through their product information files, further up the chain through the various suppliers and batches of ingredients...

          The soap will need to have either the EXACT weight of the soap displayed on the label or a minimum weight on it - not an average weight... All the soaps with that same label (ie a soap loaf in Mango fragrance cut into x number of slices) must then equal or exceed that minimum weight... They can't be under the disclosed weight...

          Just one of those old rules and regs that says soap has to be sold by weight - so the weight's either got to be 'under' or bang on the nail...

          To weigh the soap (as per the regs) you really should have a set of stamped scales - if you've not got a set of those then it's better to have them pre packaged in slices than try and cut from the loaf at the venue... The scales are a tad expensive so if your supplier will pre cut for you it would probably be the better option and remove yourself from the whole slicing/weighing regulations...

          Your supplier should have a minimum weight for each soap loaf too which is disclosable... Either as the weight of the whole loaf or the number of slices at x weight that you will expect to get from that loaf... It's possibly just that they maybe use a standard size mould for a variety of soap loaves and have a basic cost then per loaf so to speak...

          As for your books - your expenditure will just be the cost of your order to the supplier and your income the amount generated by sales... Doesn't really matter which format the product comes in and goes out... So long as the income is more than the expenditure then it's all going right...

          Hope that all makes some sense!
          The Soap Cellar


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            Hello... did you ever manage to buy in bulk and resell on?