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  • a crafter in distress

    hi i really need some help im setting up a market with most thing hand made
    but wanted to sell bath bomb fizzys so i baught a kit to help me out.
    its been fun making them but when i read the e book i got sent it say s that i have to have the batches tested and a certificate before i can resell them.
    im so worried about this i dont no were to get the certificate from or how i go about it
    iv tried real hard to set this market up and now a bomb has been throw on me also i need to lablle them all with a batch code but how long can u keep a bath bomb for it expires
    pls can some one help be as im so cofussed .

    thanks so much
    Love Chaze2k7 xx

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    I have had a trawl round the net to see what I can find for you and it seems you do need to have your bath bombs checked.

    I haven't read the whole article but this seems to give the details about the regulations. Though there have been a few later amendments. Your local trading standards office should have leaflets available.

    I found this which seems to be a good idea - although quite expensive
    but then I found these articles which are warning against it.

    The trouble is that so many people are allergic to stuff these days and with the ever growing 'sue them for ever penny' culture everyone has to be so careful now.



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      Sorry I can't help you on this one.....but Silver maid has kindly gathered lots of info for you........Its so scarey these days but I admit I suggested daughter didn't use a bath bomb she bought in Ibiza........there are some rogues about ready to make a quick buck ( As saying goes)....not you obviously.
      This won't happen to you if you can prove all your stuff is top notch. Hope you get it sorted soon.


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        In order to sell the bath bombs you definitely need a safety assessment if you have a look here

        it gives you loads of useful information but, if this is just a 'one off' idea, it really wouldn't be worth your while to pay for the certification.

        "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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          I replied to your other thread with some links too before this one was posted.


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            Try this is part of the Soap Tub. They can offer you certification for bath bombs, salts etc plus they do one for soaps as well. This is what I did because I was so confused over the whole issue. Basically once you pay for the certification Sarah emails you a draft copy of the certification which lists everything that you can make plus what you can add, at this point you are legally able to sell you items. Takes about 2 weeks to get the signed cerification through.

            Does cost a little but well worth it when you see what information is put into the document. Hope this helps
            The Soap Fairy xx


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              A Crafter in distress

              Can confirm that you need a safety assessment. Mine came from Sarah at World of Moulds. I think Soap Tub was Sarah and her Ex husbands. Sarah, doesn't have anything to do with soap tub anymore I don't think.



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                yes you need certification, for any beauty, skin care product
                you also need to keep what is called a pif file with all the mds data of every ingredient used, plus a sheet which states batch number when made ingredient used where it was from and the date prefably the ingredient batch number and a spare column for potential customer complaints these need to be kept for at least 5 years,