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Problems with the soap tub???

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    Hi - found this site by googling soap tub as I'm trying to get some money back from them. It's not a massive amount of money but I really can't afford to lose it. I'm afraid I have little sympathy for them in going bust as they just ignore people. If I was having problems I'd do my utmost to let my customers know.

    Does anyone know if there's a legal way I can get my money back?


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      Originally posted by Daniel Janes View Post
      I can confirm that The Soap Tub closed last week.

      We will be contacting anyone who has any order outstanding - we contacted Trading Standards on the day that the decision was taken to close.

      Anyone who paid by Paypal may if they wish open a dispute - we will be verifying claims with our records to ensure that only those who have a genuine claim are making one. Trading Standards also advise that anyone who has paid by credit card may contact their card issuer for advice.

      All of our staff have been made redundant last week and we are not therefore able to offer telephone support at this time.

      As I have previously stated, I can be contacted at [email protected]. If any customer is looking for impartial advice they should contact the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service.

      Please note that I cannot discuss individual complaints on a public forum or respond to any individual requests posted here.

      Daniel Janes, The Soap Tub.
      And what about poeple like me, daniel? People who were assured that they would get a refund and trusted you? People who paid by paypal and are now over the time limit for resolving a dispute? How am I going to get my money back?

      This is the 2nd time this year that me and my husband have been shafted by people not being up to the task of running a business. We lost a load of gardening machinery that was being serviced.

      I hope you're thoroughly ashamed of yourself.


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        I think this thread has served it's purpose now, I appreciate people have huge problems here, but all that is posted now will no doubt fall on deaf ears, so before it turns into a hate campaign I'm closing it.