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    I'm really excited after trading online for 4 years I have finally got a real shop,
    I don't get the keys for another 2 weeks and then it will take me a further 3-6 weeks to fit it out and paint etc it's an old 18th century building that needs a bit of work doing to it inside which is our responsbility but the rent is resonable and it's my dream

    I have enough soap, and body butters but I need bath bombs, body lotions, body scrubs etc that I can have on a sale and return basis

    you would get most of the cost of what sells I would just take a reasonable commission out of it,

    you would get a full contract,

    all products would need to be safety certified and follow EU requirements, and be as natural possible although I don't mind fragrant oils, just no other synthetic materials.

    If interested please email me or send me a message.


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    Just replied to your other post - how exciting getting a shop at last (and believe me I know how exciting it can be ) Sounds very much like mine, just be prepared for it to take more than 3-6 weeks as we ran into unforseen problems with ours being so old which set us back a few more weeks

    Where abouts is it? Is it going to be in Brandon?
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      I've sent you an email Mai


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        Oooo good luck with it.

        One day i'll have my own shop too. Cant wait until that day comes.


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          yes it is in Brandon,

          I have a few people working on it so should be up and running by the time i want it open, even if we are still working upstairs to get that ready.


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            Oh that looks lovely - keep us posted on the progress.
            Chris xx
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              your shop looks lovely congratulations and good luck with your opening
              Jan xx



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                Well done,

                Your shop looks very picturesque. I hope it goes well for you and what an opportunity you are giving to others to get their crafts out there.



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                  Wow that is such a pretty shop. Just how I want mine to look when it eventually happens x


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                    I have a shop of my own and would like to offer some advice to the small businesses considering sale or return. Please make sure you get your contracts looked over by your own solicitor. Don't assume that because you think you 'know' someone through a forum or have seen them around on a forum that you can trust them. Make sure there are terms covering every eventuality to protect your own business eg loss or damage to goods in transit, loss or damage to goods in the shop, who pays for shipping, refunds, insurance, payment terms ie when and how you get paid. I would also make sure that the contract is drawn up by a solicitor and if possible have your own contract for the shop owner to sign.
                    If you think you can't afford a solicitor then you risk losing the value of the stock you send, which might be a viable risk if you are not sending a lot of stock.
                    It is usually advised to try to avoid sale or return situations as a producer as it doesn't benefit you, only the shop owner. If a shop owner really values you and your business they will be prepared to pay for your goods
                    Good luck ladies.


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                      I understand what you're saying Sparkles and agree with most of it...

                      But having been on both sides of the coin as supplier and shop owner I'd still say a lot of sale or return scenarios are going to boil down to trust anyway - the value of the stock versus the cost of a legal contract is one thing... The value of the stock versus pursuing that legal contract is another...

                      I have had, and still have, some pieces in my shop on a sale or return basis... Although I'd rather them sell full stop even if it takes a bit longer than return them so long as the person who's supplied them is ok with that...

                      In an ideal world I'd be more than happy to spread the love and put plenty of 'up front' business and payments the way of the wonderful crafters I've had the privilege of knowing... But when you're trying to get a business going and take it a step further in getting a shop, then unless you're lucky enough to have great financial resources, money's really tight and hoping for some good sale or return options can be the only way to get the quality of stock you want on the shelves - especially in the early days when every penny counts and will only spread so far in back up rent and up front bills and your own up front manufacturing costs...

                      Having asked a supplier if I can do a sale or return option definitely doesn't mean I don't value them or their business or wasn't prepared to pay for the goods - just that it was the only option available as part of the overall start up period when money was just too tight to have any type of stock spending spree...

                      The ball's in their court then whether they're willing to take the gamble and supply on a sale or return basis whilst hoping the shop takes off and they then end up with regular (paid up front), wholesale orders...

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                        I have a legal contract for my sale and returners,
                        The majority of my stock is made by myself, there are items that i don't make that i want to stock.

                        Although I have appear to have already been let down by a sale and returner. all promises and no delivery.

                        So I might chance my mind and rethink and just have my products in my shop will just have to work extra hard at getting more stock made.