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  • License?

    We want to sell soap aswell as other crafts things, but do we need some sort of license, coz everyone seems to be talking about some license but... well its only a few soaps, do we still need this license? We're confused!!!
    Caz & Harriet

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    If you make your own soaps, then you do need certification/safety assessment. If you sell soaps, made by someone else, you still need to comply with the regulations with regard to labelling etc.
    If you have a search through the threads on the forum, regarding this topic, you should find lots of info. Also, if you look on
    you'll find some helpful info. there.

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      Hi hun,
      The hardest part is getting to grips with writing everything in latin......honestly, who speaks latin?!?!?! LOL!!

      The site link above gives great info.

      Jode x
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        Do you mean selling soaps that you make yourself?
        If so then yes, as Popp4lee says, every recipe needs a safety assessment by a toxicologist, you need to outline your manufacturing processes etc.. not a license as such, but you do need to do quite alot of work (and pay quite alot of money unfortunately!) to be able to sell soap (or any product that is for use on the skin)

        There's alot of information out there on this, some such as the justasoap link is easier to digest than others, but the regulations are here..

        oops, not allowed to post a link, but google the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2004 (as amended).

        Good Luck!


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          Thanks for that I needed info on that too ^.^