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  • Lotus Seed Beads

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone can help me find Lotus Seed Beads to buy. I have searched high and low on the internet, but with no joy!! I know they must be out there as i have a Zorbitz Pink United Bracelet and you can get them as Mala Bead Necklaces and Bracelets, just can't find them on there own. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks. X

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    I'm a seedbeader and I've never heard of them! Where are they from? Please don't say China.


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      Lotus Seed Beads

      Hiya. They are a natural bead and they are the seeds from the Lotus Flower pods. The ones that I am after are white/light cream colour with black specks/dots. I have looked for them under seed beads, but the results come back as the glittery beads, not what I'm after. Hope someone can help!! Cheers. X


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        I haven't heard of them either, but you could try refining your search on google, make it as specific as possible

        e.g beads made from lotus seeds

        I did this and found some sites listing Bodhi seed beads, lotus seeds, bead malas etc

        If you only google 'seed beads' your search request is too wide

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          Hi Buddy
          Lotus beads are of two kinds....One is from India and the other from China.
          From India:It is significant for the religious purpose in India, to praise the Goddess of Money, Lakshmi.The beads are natural and are like dark brown in color.

          From China: As far as I know, the beads from China are only for commercial production and are polished so that they give the off white color that you are looking for.
          I hope this information may help you....


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            lotus seed beads

            Hi there

            Ebay! they're pricey but.........hope what you seek

            Regards and good luck