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  • Uk Bead Magazines!

    Hi everyone!

    I am looking for details of Beading magazines that are UK based. I have contacted 2 that I have found, and the emails that I sent have both been returned to me as undeliverable!

    Are the UK magazines worth advertising in? If their email addresses don't work, is the rest of the mag that useful?

    Looking for help/reassurance!

    K xx
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    Hi there

    Have you tried B eads and Beyond? I'm sure you have, it's the first one that springs to mind? I've only found about 3 UK mags at a push!


    Ps your horse is cool


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      I subscribe to a UK Bead Magazine, it's alright, I don't have anything to compare it to as I have never read any others. I think the general consensus is that US mags are better, but beads and stuff are more readily available over there and some of the components listed in the mag are hard to find.

      After recieving my first copy of the magazine, I looked up nearly every website that was advertised in the magazine...... then gave up! There are so many! Now I don't really pay too much attention to the adverts, but that's just me..... To be honest, I generally listen to the advice of the forum members if I need something....

      So, to answer your question, I don't know if it is worth advertising in magazines, 'cos I skip all the adverts these days!

      PM me if you want details of mag


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        I suppose I'd better plug Bead Mag...............I need the publicity!
        turn your volume down though, or you get the awful music that goes with it! The general consensus among beaders is that Jean Power - the editor - is OK................Ashdown - the publishers (American) - are rubbish. Take your pick!


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          Beads and Beyond and Bead magazine are the only two I am aware of. I advertise in both and like any ads, hard to tell whether it's worth the money!
          With Google, at least you get the stats!!!

          Bead is the most expensive to advertise in, it's published every other month. They are also indeed not the best to deal with (T&C), and I advertise in a few other magazines! Bead was the first UK mag but when they started to allow US adverts, it didn't go down well with UK advertisers.
          B&B have standard terms (ie pay on invoice, etc) and really good with reminders for copy deadlines, etc.

          Aceville did a special mag about beads earlier this year but at £7.99 per issue, it was a one off.
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