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Findings and beads without provenance - what to do with them?

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  • Findings and beads without provenance - what to do with them?


    Long time since I've been on this site. I'd forgotten how quickly you can lose hours of your life just looking and reading.....!

    I started dabbling in making beaded jewellery years ago, probably c.2005 onwards. I have built up quite a significant stash of chains, beads and findings (antique finishes as well as bright plated things). The majority has been bought from various suppliers via Ebay and Amazon mostly. Problem is I can't 100% confirm they meet the current EU rules re nickel, cadmium and lead content. Is it possible to use them and declare that I can't guarantee their make up or do I just have to bin them? Could I list them on Ebay maybe and state that I don't know what they're made of or suggest they're for use in crafts where the end result isn't worn?

    I am currently making all sorts of jewellery using silver or gold plated or stainless steel blanks filled with resin or with glass cabochons with a view to selling them to recoup my costs at least (it's a hobby first and foremost). I have contacted my main suppliers (Chinese mostly) to confirm if they are nickel, lead and cadmium safe and they have confirmed they all are. Is this all I have to do?

    I am assuming I will need product and public liability insurance as standard if selling to the public? If someone's skin reacted to the item (say a silver plated bezel which is copper underneath) would this insurance cover me for this type of event? It's not that I don't believe the suppliers but I'd rather limit my personal exposure!

    I've got LOADS of questions but I'll keep on searching and will post more as I progress.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to read and hopefully respond. x

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    The very least you will need is product and public liability insurance.
    Hobby forst and foremost or not, if your gross Annual income exceeds £1000 you need to register as a business as defined by HMRC.



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      Thank you Dave. That's good to know.