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beads from air drying clay

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  • beads from air drying clay

    due to daughter's interest in beading, we are going to try to make some beads . I don't have any fimo sculpey etc, but we do have some air-drying clay ( vaious brands) white and clay coloured.
    I was thinking of mixing small amouts of paint into the clay to colour it, or do various marble effects.
    What paints would be best? Oils, acrylics, poster colours, watercolours, emulsions??
    What varnish shoud one use after?
    Or would it be better just to paint the beads after?

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    I've never made air drying clay beads before, but when painting air drying clay, if you mix poster paint with pva glue, it makes your paint finish nice and shiny


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      I would leave the beads to dry then paint them then varnish them.
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        hearty clay and makin clay and cold porcelain clays are the best and with hearty and makin clay u can mix paint in with them before modelling with and also you can mix in cold porlian with paint before modelling aswell i have done it my self so its all good! i know of an lady that uses cold porcelain to make clay charms and etc her link is here .replbq{width:100%} var LetterVals = { UIStrings : { __last : 'not used' }, StateDynamic : true, yplus_browser : false, premium_user : false, smsintl : "", SidebarSyncActionType : "read", SidebarSyncAuxActionType : "", SidebarSyncUID : "55232", SidebarSyncAuxUID : "", getString : function(id) { var result = this.UIStrings[id]; if ( result == null ) { return "Not translated: '" + id + "'"; } return result; } }


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          thanks for the link Nicole. Not the easiest place to lookat! a bit too busy, but interesting nonetheless.


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            thanks to Linz and Goldy1 as well for your helpful suggestions. sorry for ot responding sooner, even though I'd read them!