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    can you please recommend some simple techniques to get me started as i have fallen in love with beads and the idea of making my own jewellry. i have seen some marked miyuki and toho which are beautiful, for example. does anyone know what these are by the way?? thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hello, the beads you mention are quite tiny japanese seed beads - precision cut and best for intricate projects and stitch/woven type jewellery. Easiest to understand is probably if you google them and them look at the images of jewellery that come up. Also 'Bead' magazine often features projects using such beads. I think several forum members work with them and its not for the shaky handed/sight impaired...

    Have fun !


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      It really depends on what type of jewellery you want to make/wear....

      There are several techniques, I mainly do 'stringing' which is basically taking different types of thread and stringing beads on.

      There are people on here who do more complex weaving and stitching with beads, these are the people with way more patience than myself!

      I think the first place to start any new craft is google.... look at other people's creations and see if there is any particular type you would like to start with and then we may be able to point you in the direction of some suppliers/ideas


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        Get the magazine 'lets bead' i think its called, its pricy but you get beads and findings with it and inside it covers all the basics. I bought it in Tesco they should still have it in.

        The owls made me do it.


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          The three main brands of Japanese seed beads are 'Toho' , 'Miyuki' and 'Matsuno' . All are relatively similar in quality and price and are generally known as 'seed beads'

          These brands are loved for their colours and size consistency. Seed beads are available from other countries as well, but they may be more irregular. This may not be important if you are using them as 'fillers' or 'spacers' in between larger beads. But would not be advisable if your decide to go into 'bead weaving' . Because to generate an even pattern, the beads also need to be even.

          The Japanese culture is maticulous about detail, and that's why the best seed beads come from there.
          They are available in various sizes, these are the most common:-
          Size 15/0 = 1mm, Size 11/0 = 2mm, Size 8/0 = 3mm, Size 6 = 4mm


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