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  • swarovski crystal factory packs

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone know where i can get swarovski crystal factory packs (720pc) thanks

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    e-beads are doing wholesale swarkies now, so are thebeadstore

    Hope this help


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      I've had a look at both sites and they only do 4mm and 6mm, i'm looking for 5mm bicone. thanks


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        HI Dont know about quantities but Grove Beads usually do the uneven number ie 3mm,5mm etc may be worth a look.

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          I have come across this site that may be of use to you,

          There's not many places that do 5mm bicones or if they do they're not in bulk packs.... hope this helped

          Sam x


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            I use the two sites below. I had a quick look and both are showing out of stock of 5mm factory packs, however I often buy factory packs from them. If you contact them they will always sort you out with what you need, they don't always update their stocks online and they are good prices too.


            Hope you get what your looking for.



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              Swarovski full packs


              I am new to this forum but I hope you don't mind me adding my little bit!

              I am Caron from MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ POSTING RULES and I have one of the largest selection of 5mm Swarovksi Bicones around. In fact this was the size that I bought originally to start off my business 2 years ago. In the Swarovski bicones I also sell 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm & some 7mm & 10mm.

              I may not always hold full unopened packs of every colour & size & style but I am constantly ordering full packs of any Swarovski components for many of my customers.

              If you need any colour/size/style in an unopened pack then just email me on & I MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ POSTING RULES will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

              I can also discuss further discounts for customers who wish to buy a large number of full packs in one go.

              If there is something you need that I haven't got then just let me know.

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                swarovski full packs

                Oops! As I am new I can't leave a link. Sorry! Didn't mean to break any rules.

                My shop is noseks-just gems!

                Caron Nosek


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                  Try jillybeads or beadworks. Jillybeads is usually really good value and very helpful.
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